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Self Care & Health -

Ladies, how are you protecting your magic in 2017? Dr. Charisse Taylor is the chosen one. Develop a caring + affirming relationship with this gynie/ob AND your body.

Based in NYC. Reps: USA


$$$/Finances -

$$$/Finances - It’s tax season and time to protect the coin. Accountant Maya Weeks comes highly recommended for personal and business needs. Send her a note, ask questions or get a specific referral.

Based in NYC. Reps: Grenada


Immigration -

During heightened xenophobic divides globally, this powerhouse is raising the voices of young African immigrants in US schools. Meet Dialika Sall and learn how first gen kids balance being young, immigrant, Muslim (for some), African, and Black.

Based in NYC. Reps: Bronx & Senegal


Sports & Entertainment -

Trinidad and Japan came together to raise this baller, model, and ex-Bainer. See Seaun Eddy crossfading on Japan's National Basketball team and hopefully guarding home at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Based in Tokyo. Reps: Japan & Trinidad


Self Care & Health -

We support everyone on their path to peace of mind and mental strength. For those truing to maintain or admittedly struggling, remember we’ve ALL been there. Therapist Dr. Stanley Ricklin comes highly recommended by a fellow doctor in the family. We trust real recognize real.

Based in NYC. Reps: USA

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